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06 de Diciembre de 2012 Eventos en tu universidad

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Global Lens Film Festival: Grey Matter
06/ Diciembre/ 2012 8:30 pm - 8:00 pm

8:30 FILM: GREY MATTER (Rwanda)
Set in Kigali, Rwandaís capital, this radiantly self-referential film-within-a-film describes the vision and trials of a determined filmmaker named Balthazar, as he tries to produce his first feature, The Cycle of the Cockroach. The trenchant drama, about a brother and sister dealing with the aftermath of genocide, finds no support from agencies only interested in funding upbeat policy-friendly films. As Balthazar borrows recklessly from a loan shark, the Cycle plays out on the screen, subtly measuring the horror and systematic madness of events hardly unique to Rwanda, while offering bracing insight into the nature of political violence.

(Global Lens is a series of 10 critically acclaimed contemporary feature films from Colombia, Argentina, Iran, Morocco, Brazil, Rwanda, Albania, Iraq and Turkey that Cinematheque, the University of Puerto Rico - MayagŁez film association, together with the Puerto Rico Film Society, our partners in San Juan, are bringing to our campus.

You can find more information about Global Lens and these 10 films, and watch trailers for all the films at http://www.globalfilm.org)