EventsBasin Wide Initiative for Improved Coastal Resilience

Date of Event

November 13-15

Place of Event

Civil Engineering and Surveying Auditorium (CI-103)


In this workshop, participants will receive hands on training that highlights both conventional, engineered flood prevention structures as well as nature-based, environmentally sensitive designs to manage and mitigate flood risk.  Focus will be on discussing solutions to Puerto Rico coastal hazards that can help prepare for and adapt to ongoing and future changes while strengthening long-term coastal resilience.


Certificate of participation will be issued to all attendees and you can accumulate contact hours of the UPRM – Coastal Resilience Center Achievement Program.


Map of Event

Civil Engineering and Surveying Auditorium (CI-103)

Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez

(November 13 and November 14)