Mauricio Cabrera

Director’s Message

The Industrial Engineering Department (ININ) of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez – popularly known as El Colegio – welcomes you!

Industrial Engineering has evolved to design, configure, and operate information, production, transportation and service systems based on mathematical and statistical knowledge. Industrial Engineers constantly require to effectively interact with people hailing from different areas of knowledge as well as deal with knowledge of diverse nature. We are, then, Engineering integrators and strategists.

At ININ, we seek that our students become able through their technical and analytical training, to make a positive impact in Puerto Rico and the USA, as well as in the World, that is, we want them to have such effect glocally. We wish for them to improve human life in harmony with the planet always considering equity and justice. It is this perspective that keeps us excited and motivated to propel them to become agents of constructive change from the professional activity of their choice upon graduation.

Our alummni, our students, faculty and staff are our best presentation cards. We stand here ready to contribute.  We are Colegiales and we are Proudly ININ.

Before, Now, and Ever… Colegio!

Dr. Mauricio Cabrera Ríos

Interim Director