Certificates and Minors

Minor in Management of Service Processes

In May 21, 2013 the Academic Senate approved the petition of the Industrial Engineering Department for the creation of a minor in Management of Service Processes. The objective of this minor is to educate students in the analysis, design, and management of service processes. The creation of this minor was justified by the growth of the service industry in developed economies which currently generates more than 70% of the employment and national gross product in these economies. For this minor students are required to complete a total of 12 credit hours, from which 9 are required courses and 3 in one elective. Required and elective courses are presented in the table below. Other requirements can be found at the Academic Senate Certificate No. 13-12.

Minor Concentration in Project Management

The Minor Certification in Project Management for engineering students was approved on April 2015. It has two versions, one for students in Business Administration and the other for students in Engineering, Arts and Sciences and Agriculture. This minor certification is administered by the Business Administration Faculty. Requirements for this certification can be found on Academic Senate Certification 15-37 and http://enterprise.uprm.edu/ases-web/images/MinorGP(AC,%20CA,%20INGE)(web).pdf .

Black-Belt in Training Certificate

Students are given the opportunity of obtaining a certificate of “Black Belt in Training” in collaboration with the Institute of Industrial Engineers of the College of Engineers and Surveyors at Puerto Rico (CIAPR). Requirements are presented in the table below.