Luis F. Cáceres, Ph.D.

Professor, Mathematical Sciences Department
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus

About Me


Personal Information

Name: Luis F. Cáceres-Duque
Location: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Phone: 787 832-4040 ext.5890

About Myself

I am a professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus.
Regarding teaching, I am interested in courses such as geometry, fundamentals of mathematics, abstract algebra, linear algebra, number theory, problem solving.

Some of the additional activities include:

  • Director of Mathematical Olympiads of Puerto Rico (OM.PR)
  • Coordinator of the Graduate Program of the Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Vice President of the Kangaroo Without Borders Association (AKSF.ORG)
  • Consultant at College Board

Recent publications

  1. AKSF & Math Kangaroo. The world’s largest international mathematics competition with Meike Akveld, Notices of the AMS, Vol 69, Nr. 11, pp 1956-1960, December 2022.
  2. The impact of mathematics competitions on teachers and their classrooms in Puerto Rico, Switzerland and UK: A comparative study with Meike Akveld, Ferney Henao and David Crawford, ZDM, Springer, Vol 54, Nr. 5 pp. 941-959, 2022.
  3. Comparison of two algorithms to solve the ideal membership problem in Z[x] with Silvia López, Espacio Matemático, Vol 2, Nr. 2, 2022.
  4. Mathematics Olympiads Curriculum for Primary School in Ibero-America with Ariana Rodríguez and Lizbeth Alvarado, Journal of the WFNMC, Vol 36, No1, pp 13-24, 2023.


Fall 2023-2024

  • MATE 3032 (Calculus II)
  • EDMA 6005 (Geometry)
  • EDMA 6015 (Sets theory and logic)

Spring 2022-2023

  • MATE 3032 (Calculus II)
  • EDMA 6225 (Abstract Algebra)
  • EDMA 6993 (Project)


Olimpiadas Matemáticas de Puerto Rico

El programa Olimpiadas Matemáticas de Puerto Rico (OMPR) tiene como objetivo la popularización de las matemáticas en Puerto Rico. Por otro lado identfica el talento matemático y ayuda a los estudiantes a potenciar ese talento.

OMPR se encarga de seleccionar y entrenar a los estudiantes que representan Puerto Rico en Olimpiadas Internacionales de Matemáticas.

Estudiantes interesados en participar deben visitar la página

  • Corequisite Support at UPRM (estudio piloto con Jhonnatan Ortega)
  • Mathematics Olympiads in Elementary School (con Ariana Rodriguez y Lizbeth Alvarado)