Marine Science




"Image of Divers"

The mission of the Department of Marine Sciences is to promote a greater understanding of the marine environment within the core areas of marine biology, marine chemistry, marine geology and marine physics. The specific goals of the department are to increase knowledge in the marine sciences, to train graduate students in the marine sciences, and to serve the community. Original research by both faculty and students is the central focus of the department's program, and emphasizes the complementary and mutualistic relationship among these goals.

The Department offers Master of Marine Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Marine Sciences covering both the full breadth of the discipline and the specialization needed to develop specific technical and analytical skills within a larger scientific context. The program seeks to produce graduates with a solid background in marine sciences who are able to critically analyze problems and offer solutions through the application of scientific knowledge and research. Marine scientists are trained for careers in teaching, research, development and resource and environmental management.