Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements 


Freshman applicants 


All freshman applicants both international and U.S. candidates must submit the following documents:

1.      Admission Application online: https://patsiprod.upr.edu/OA_HTML/IgsGrantAccess.jsp

2.      SAT scores and SAT Subject Test:  Literature, Reading and Mathematics Level I or Level II.  If you take the SAT test multiple times only the best performance on each subject will be considered for IGS calculation.  Use UPR- Mayaguez Campus code: 0912 to submit your results.  ACT is not accepted.

3.      High School Transcript with senior mid-year school grades. High school transcript must have school seal and authorized signature of the person who prepare the transcript. 

*IGS:  is calculated with the High School Grade Point Average (GPA) 50% and SAT Scores 25% Reasoning Test in Math and Critical Reading. http://www.uprm.edu/p/prepas/indices_minimos_de_ingreso

Every academic year stablished a minimum score (IGS) for each programs of study in Mayaguez Campus. 


Transfer applicants, Visiting Students and professional development applicants:


1.        Fill the admission application for transfers, visiting students and professional development applicants. http://www.uprm.edu/cms/index.php?a=file&fid=2616

2.       Payment receipt for the amount $33.00 on time and late fee $49.50.  You may pay your application fee online with a credit card or you may also send a check or               money order to University of Puerto Rico.  Fee are not refundable.

3.       We require two official transcripts.  If you attended more than one college or university, you will need to send the transcripts from each college attended.  Student                copy are not acceptable Please have all transcripts sent directly to UPR- Mayaguez Campus/Admission Office.

4.       Please send all documents to:

University of Puerto Rico

Mayaguez Campus


Call Box 9000

Mayaguez, PR 00681-9000


To be considerate as candidate for transfer, visiting student or professional development you should have this requirements: 

Transfers:  Must have at least approved 48 credits.  Every department have minimum requirements for each programs of study.  After admission, the department will evaluate your transfer’s credits to determine which one will be accredited to your program. 

Visiting Students:  Your university must provide an authorization for you to take courses at University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. 


Professional development:  Student who has completed a baccalaureate can take a maximum 18 credits in this category of studies.