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General Guidelines

Goal Setting, Necessary before the job search

Finding an answer to the question, "What do I really want in a career?" is one of the hardest parts of making a successful transition from college to career. Most college seniors are uninformed about career possibilities and because the topic is usually a complex, anxiety-provoking one, it is left unaddressed.

Research Is Key

As you interview with employers, all your communication, main written and verbal, needs to focus first on understanding and then clearly articulating how your qualities can benefit the employer. As you get more involved in your job search your goals will become refined because "career knowledge" increases.

Even if you've always known your general career path, you will now need to get "employer and job specific" to make the maximum impact during your job search.

One stumbling block is trying to draw too close a connection between your major and future jobs. Computer science majors may work as systems designers, but so may math, chemistry and liberal " majors. There are a number of factors beyond the college major that determine your first job.

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