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General Guidelines

Aspects of job hunting

To find a job nowadays is not an easy task. It doesn't just happen. You make it happen. It takes effort to learn and polish job hunting skills, to take the initiative in contacting employers and to follow through on leads suggested. Grades, appearance, personality, gimmicks-none of these are substitutes for extra steps of care, preparation, and persistence. Effort gives the impetus to your job search that results in your standing out from the competition.

Today's world is very competitive. The point where you fall on the supply / demand curve will determine if you will find a job easily or not. If you have a major in computer science or electrical engineering or some other discipline that is highly sought by employers, you will have an easy task.

The advancement of technology in today's world will provoke a drastic change in the supply / demand curve. Many jobs that exist today may be obsolete and forgotten ten years from now. And that's a good reason why learning effective job hunting techniques is so important.

The chances are that you will need good job seeking skills in the future. Considering 80 percent of all job vacancies are never publicized (they stay within the hidden job market), you must start from the basis that you will certainly get a job.

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