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General Guidelines

The Interview


The objective of an interview is to see if you are a "match" for the position at hand. For you, it should tell whether or not this is a place you'd like to work. Formulate open-ended questions. Look for indicators.

Role of the interviewer

The role of the interviewer can be any of the following: 1) She can serve as an "information gatherer" for job candidates and as a "filter" to eliminate unlikely candidates; 2) s/he can make recommendations about candidates (with final employment decisions being made by others to whom the candidates are referred); or 3) s / he can make employment decisions.

Topics of the interview

Although the type of interview may vary among different companies, the topics commonly covered during the initial interview are the following:

  • First impressions-introduction and greeting.
  • Your record-education, work experience, activities and interests.
  • Your career goals-immediate and long-term objectives.
  • The company-margin benefits, organigrams.
  • Conclusion-further steps to be taken.

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