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Got an Offer? Not Yet?

What if You're Still Job Hunting Six Months After Graduation?

In today's job market, many job seekers will not find suitable employment immediately upon graduation.

Don't despair

Here's what employment professionals from a broad cross section of business, industry, the service sector, government agencies and the military advise:

Keep on trying

Don't give up or get discouraged. Search harder, especially in areas not directly related to your major field of study. The state of the current job market is the result of economic forces and has nothing to do with you personally.

Re-evaluate your job search techniques and strategies

Learn to market yourself more effectively. Fine-tune your  interviewing skills and revise your resume with an eye to alternative occupations. Contact employers with whom you have interviewed for specific feedback on your interview technique.

Gain further work-related experience

Any work experience is better than none. Even part-time or volunteer positions can strengthen your appeal to potential employers.

Try any reasonable job available in your field of interest

Take any position with a company employing your major or accept a position at a lower level in a stable, reputable organization. Remember, many employers promote from within-particularly in these times of hiring freezes and company restructuring.

Redefine your career goals and expectations

Don't be insulted by having to start at a lower salary or position level than expected. Remember that you are competing not only with other recent college graduates, but also with experienced applicants who are willing to accept those entry- level positions.

Sign up with a temporary agency

Working for a temporary agency will permit you to see what opportunities are  available inside several organizations. Sometimes, a  temporary assignment can lead to an offer of permanent employment.

Network, network, network

One of the best ways for any job seeker to uncover career opportunities is through networking. Make as many contacts as you can with people  in all types of businesses and industries related to your chosen career field. Join a professional association. Conduct informational interviews. Keep in touch with former employers, professors, classmates, internship supervisors anyone who could be a potential lead for a job.

Adapted from RecruitingTrends1992-93 by L. Patrick Scheetz, Ph.D., Collegiate Employment Research Institute. @Michigan State Urkiversity, 1992.

This information was provided by NACE.
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