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Eco-Panel: Stories of Stuff

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Fecha del Evento: Martes, 22 de Abril de 2014
Hora del Evento: 10:30 a.m.

Description:   For most of the world, consumption has been the unquestioned duty of every individual. Then garbage activist Annie Leonard brought her two-hour lecture to Free Range who helped her turn it into a 20-minute animated revolution. Shown in thousands of classrooms, endlessly blasted by Fox News, viewed more than 10 million times, The Store of Stuff finally opens the door to a serious cultural dialog about the costs of consumption.Written by Free Range Studios

§  The Story of Solutions  Dra. Carmen Castaneyda, Depto. Ingeniera de Materiales

§  Story of Bottled Water  Dra. Ana Navarro, Ciencias Marinas UPRM Sea Grant

§  Story of Cosmetics  Dra. Nilka M. Rivera Portalatin, Depto. Quimica

§  Story of Electronics  Dr. Alberto Ramirez, Dept. Ingenieria Electrica y Computadoras


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IMBD RATING: 7.4/10: 


Número de participantes: 200

Lugar del evento: Anf. Figueroa Chapel, Edif. Chardon

Dirección: RUM, Mayagüez, PR

¿Quiénes pueden participar? Comunidad Universitaria y Público en general

Propósito del evento: Campus Verde, the General Library, and Filmoteca of UPRM are proud to announce a new series of films that students can see every Tuesday at 10:30 am. The idea is for you to be able to “become informed while relaxing.”

Dueño del equipo: Campus Verde, UPRM General Library, UPRM Filmoteca or professors

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Hora: 10:30 am

Lugar: Anf. Figueroa Chapel, Edif. Chardon

Relevo de responsabilidad:

Disclaimer: We hope that you will learn from each film, but we also encourage you to seek out a balanced source of information. For instance, many of the films are NOT balanced; some in fact may be inflammatory. So use your discretion and note when exaggerated strong negative adjectives or phrases are used in the films to promote fear, such usages as “disaster”,  “slaughterers”, “baby killers”, “dumb”, ”stupid”, ”tragedy”, ”catastrophe”, or “we are making a terrible mistake in our policies”. While you may agree with some of the negative language, most documented films with reliable sources use MODERATED adjectives. Also, most trustworthy films suggest information and solutions on how the human species can deal with our current and future problems, such as running out of resources and destroying valuable habitat.

Our policy is to use the Internet Movie Database ( whenever possible. IMDB uses ratings generated from citizens around the world. If you wish, you can register at IMDB and cast your vote. To help with your scheduling, we also will try to post the runtime for each film, and to provide you with some additional information (year, tagline/plot 

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