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Webinar: Green Chemistry Education

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Fecha del Evento: Jueves, 10 de Mayo de 2012
Hora del Evento: 2:30 p.m.

Free EPA Webinar !



The Webinar is aimed at school teachers and other school - related managers and personnel with an interest to learn about and apply better chemical management in school laboratories and the basic principles of a green chemistry - oriented science education in the classroom. 


College and University educators that teach chemistry, or other sciences, including representatives at Teachers' Colleges and other Education Departments will also find the information useful. Individuals with school health and safety responsibilities may also find the practical experience of the NYS DEC and Beyond Benign of use. 


In addition, representatives from select state agencies and private organizations with an interest in supporting the overall advancement of green chemistry and collaborating with educators will find this Webinar of interest.


Número de participantes: 35

Lugar del evento: Mayaguez, PR

Dirección: UPRM

Coordenadas: 18.210341,-67.140360

¿Quiénes pueden participar? Personal y Estudiantes con ID


Dueño del equipo: UPR-RUM

Equipo adicional que puede traer: n/a

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Hora: 2:30 p.m.

Lugar: Monzon 107

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