Wonderen’s Foods LLC

Food manufacturing company dedicated to produce accessibility of innovative and high quality products. Specialized on breadfruit’s frozen products and other fruits and vegetables derivates.


We are the social phone app for adventure travelers. We provide you with unique experiences. How do we do this? We do this by providing information of natural, adventure and ecoturism spots. With SpotiN you can connect with a community of adventures that have your same interest so you can share experiences and explore even…


Parknet LLC

Parknet develops both the hardware and software components of our unique IOT access control system for gated communities, apartment complexes and temporary events. Our Internet of Things solution decreases human error in logs, reduces long visitor lines, increases safety. We already have an alpha version of our residential access control system and a comercial version…



DoCare is a software tool that facilitates the medical appointment assignation, reminder and confirmation process. Patients use it to find a faster, earlier appointment with a good doctor. Doctors increases profits by reducing no-show


Advance4Tech is a solutions and software development company specializing in developing new software applications and platforms in any type of industry. Our team brings together a powerful range of full stack web and mobile application development skills. Our clients appreciate our efficient process, diligent reporting, comprehensive knowledge of technology resources and development languages, as well…