Amgen BioTalents

“Nurturing the next generation of scientists and engineers.”

The Amgen BioTalents goal is to motivate undergraduate science and engineering students to pursue professional careers in life sciences by providing them with hands-on experiences in biomanufacturing and exposure to management leadership.

Biomanufacturing Processes

The training will introduce participants to the concepts of a large-scale bioprocessing system: where fermentation is the heart of the upstream processing to accomplish the biological synthesis of a recombinant protein, followed by the downstream processing which will produce the final purified product.

Industrial Environment

The training will address industrial regulations, quality control, environmental monitoring, cleanroom and aseptic conduct related to the industrial production of recombinant proteins.

Where are our students?

Some of our students are…

  • Yamilex Acevedo- Begin PhD at MIT (August 2018)
  • Natalia Quijano-PhD studies in Pharmacology at University of Pennsylvania
  • Lisamarie Tubens- Pharm.D (Class of 2021) at Notre Dame
  • Gabriel Rodriguez- Begin PhD at Vanderbilt University (August 2018).
  • Ismael V. Berdecía- PharmD (Class 2021), School of Pharmacy, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
  • Beverly Bracero- COOP at Lilly del Caribe (2018)
  • Valerie Mattei- - PharmD (Class 2022), School of Pharmacy, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
  • Jesús Santiago- Former Amgen Scholar, PhD studies at Washington University
  • Jiomar Santiago-MD studies at University of Medicine and Health Sciences-Saint Kitts
  • Rebeca Muñiz- studies toward PharmD School of Pharmacy, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
  • Adriana Mulero- PhD in Bioengineering at Georgia Tech (starting August 2018)
  • Eida Karina Conejo working a Pfizer, Guayama
  • Nicole Ramos- Studies toward PhD in Cell Biology at Purdue.
  • Maricely Ramirez –started PhD in Chemical engineering at Rutgers (January 2018)
  • Fravelyn Castillo- Consulting Analyst at Accenture
  • Juanetziel Charnecoa- starting PharmD at Nova Southeastern University (August 2018)

My experience in BioTalents

Esther Vega

“Mi experiencia en BioTalents fue una que sobrepasó lo que yo esperaba. Pude aplicar cada conocimiento que obtuve en mi bachillerato, así como reforzarlos y practicarlos junto con estudiantes de otras ramas. Esta experiencia marcó mi vida y me hizo entender que poseo las herramientas necesarias para emprender y destacar en el mundo laboral.”

Yamilex Acevedo

“Biotalentos fue una experiencia única que me permitió encontrar aplicaciones prácticas al arduo trabajo realizado en laboratorios científicos. Desde los talleres de desarrollo profesional, hasta aquellos enfocados en manufactura, Biotalentos es un taller que permite tu desarrollo en todos los ámbitos imaginables.”

Jiomar Santiago

“Biotalentos fue la conexión entre el salón de clases y el mundo laboral. Me llevó a conocer la gran cantidad de carreras profesionales dentro de STEM.”

Paola Goyco

“BioTalents me abrió los ojos a un mundo nuevo y me ayudó aclarar mejor mis metas para el futuro. Fue una experiencia excelente e inolvidable y se lo recomiendo a todos los estudiantes que estaban como yo; indecisos en qué enfocarse en su vida profesional.”

At the end of the experience, attendees will be able to understand the different components of a biomanufacturing process, learn about and understand aseptic behavior, cleanroom and gowning in a controlled environment, gain knowledge and skills associated with recombinant protein expression, fermentation and purification, perform basic quality control techniques to ensure product quality, understand validation and biomanufacturing regulations associated with good manufacturing practices, standard operating procedures and documentation. Furthermore, participants will be exposed to career paths in biomanufacturing, project management, strategic planning and professional behavior and ethics. Participants will be involved in hands-on activities as interdisciplinary teams.

Training Overview and Schedule

Participants will work in interdisciplinary teams and are expected to engage in active participation through assigned tasks, as well as hands-on laboratory experiences.

Overview of Biomanufacturing


Aseptic Behavior & Conduct


Cleanroom and Gowning in a Controlled Environment.


Enviromental Monitoring


Recombinant protein expression






Basic quality control techniques to ensure product quality


Biomanufacturing regulations associated with good manufacturing practices


Career paths in biomanufacturing


Training Schedule

Amgen BioTalents will be offered once every academic semester. Applications open at the beginning of spring and fall semesters. Worshops for the next semester wil be held on August 24 & 25.

Application Checklist

  • Fill application form (online)
  • Submit official transcript, including courses approved last semester (contact below)
  • Submit recommendation letter from professor of your department (contact below)
  • Submit support letter from a professional or student organization (contact below)
  • Resumé (online)
  • Essay on how Amgen BioTalents would become an integral part of your professional career (online)

Be aware that transcripts and letter of recommendation and form student organization have to be sent to Call Box 9000 Mayaguez, PR 00681-9000.


Applicants must comply with ALL of the following requirements:

  • Full-time B.S. student from science (Biology, Chemistry, Industrial Biotechnology, Microbiology, Physics) or engineering (Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical) majors.
  • GPA 3.00 or above.
  • 60 credit hours approved.


Closing date!

Application will open on April 1, 2019 and close on May 6, 2019 at 4:30 PM

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Contact Us

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