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Adobe GoLive Modules:
Text to PHP is an extended script that allows you to select any element in a page and it will generate the PHP code to produce that HTML. By Jose L. Cuevas.
PHP is an extended script that will add a PHP tab to your object windows with a handy set of PHP elements. You can now add PHP elements by just dragging them from this tab. By Jose L. Cuevas.
(To install these modules just copy the folder to the "Extended Scripts" folder in the "Modules" folder inside the Adobe GoLive directory.)
JOE this is honestly the best text editor. It has many features, and its especially tailored for programmers and hackers alike. It offers a text inspector, a binary reader, RegEx, bookmarks, characters, an editable clipboard, and his own scriptable language. JOE is free. By Jose L. Cuevas. JOE (Jose's Own Editor) © 2000

Official Page

Address Book Import Wizard

The AddressBook Import Wizard allows MS Outlook (Windows) and AddressBook (MacOSX) users to export their contacts to their uprm.edu AddressBook. This utility is not a sync tool, it may become one in a later version. By Jose L. Cuevas. Official Page

Form Maker

FormMaker is a utility to create electronic forms. FormMaker will convert a text representation of your form into an HTML form. It supports fill-in blanks, multiple choices, and self exclusive options. The download file includes the executable application for Windows and a template file. The template file must be in the same location as the application.

Download: Windows Version 560KB.

UPRM Help Desk

UPRM Help Desk makes reporting problems with UPRM easier. It allows to send a screenshot of what the user is seeing in order to speed the help provided.

Download: Windows Version (Installer) 6.42 MB Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

To expand some of these files you need StuffIt Expander.
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