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Question #2

Do you know or have any reason to believe that the item, information or software to be shared, shipped, hand carried, transmitted or transferred will support the design, development, production, stockpiling or use of a nuclear explosive device, chemical or biological weapons, or missiles(1)?


Note 1

US persons are specifically prohibited from engaging in activities, either directly or indirectly, that support the proliferation of nuclear explosive devices and missiles to certain countries and their nationals without an export license. Furthermore, US persons are specifically prohibited from knowingly engaging in activities that support the proliferation of chemical or biological weapons to any country and its nationals without an export license. Prohibited activities include direct support (through sharing, shipping, transmission or transfer), or indirect support (through financing, contracting, servicing, transportation, support or employment) that a US person knows will facilitate the proliferation of these weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in or by those countries. In addition, an individual or organization is prohibited from proceeding with a shipment, transmission or transfer of equipment or software, or from a disclosure of information, with the knowledge that an export control violation has, or is about to, occur.

Certain chemical and biological weapons agents and precursors are listed on the US Munitions List (USML) at Category XIV and on the Commerce Control List (CCL) in Category 1 at 1C350 through 1C360.


If you have any questions regarding export controls, contact Dr. María Amador-Dumois, Interim Export Control Officer, Research and Development Center, at extension 5344 and via e-mail at exportcontrols@uprm.edu.