Evan A. Touhy

e-mail: evan.tuohy@upr.edu                       


• Hometown: Jupiter, Florida

• Undergraduate Education: Florida Institute of Technology

• Degree obtained: B.S. in Marine Biology 

• Graduate Advisor: Richard Appledorn, Ph.D. 

• Area of Specialization: Biological Oceanography

• Research Interest: Habitat utilization and reproductive migrations of commercially important fish species with a focus in mesophotic coral ecosystems






Growing up in Florida, USA, I was raised on and around the ocean and and beaches which naturally sparked an interest in marine science. I obtained my Bachelors from the Florida Institute of Technology in Marine Science through which I was introduced to the University of Puerto Rico's (UPR) Department of Marine Science during a summer field course in 2008. In 2011 I began my graduate research and technical dive training as a trimix closed-circuit rebreather diver, which has allowed the opportunity to participate in numerous mesophotic research cruises throughout the US Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. My research interests include spawning aggregations and habitat utilization of commercially important fish species with my specific doctoral research focusing on a Nassau grouper spawning aggregation off Puerto Rico's West coast.



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