About AECiMa

Our Mission:

We work to facilitate collaboration amongst the students, researchers, and professors within our department. 

In doing so, we will engage in thoughtful activities which raise awareness of our departments on-goings both internally and externally to other universities, schools and environmental agencies. We also aim to enhance the professional development of students herein.
Our Vision:
We hope that as an end result of our endeavors, science can be more easily communicated between graduate students as well as the surrounding communities. Ultimately leading to a better understanding and management of Puerto Rico’s natural resources. These goals will be achieved through outreach activities that highlight research and ideas from resident students and from the general public.


Current Executive Committee

Miguel Figuerola - President

Rosamar Ayala - Vice President

Jack Olson - Secretary

Natalia Ramírez - Treasurer



Sports, Public Relations, and Web Committee

Hanae Spathias - Sports Coordinator

Angela M. Ferrá Elías - Outreach Coordinator

Chelsea Harms-Tuhoy - Newsletter Manager

Miguel G. Figuerola - Webmaster


 You can find us or contact us on Facebook and Twitter!

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