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The Dean for Research & Innovation (DR&I) proposes and implements the course of action of the College of Engineering (CoE) towards the strengthening of its leading position in Translational Research across UPRM, Puerto Rico and the Americas.

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Research Topic matters are inherent to many of the activities within the CoE; therefore, a working understanding of project support becomes indispensable to manage related issues when interacting with academic peers, governmental offices or industrial partners.


Our mission is to conduct research, expand and disseminate knowledge, promote an entrepreneurial spirit, provide service to the community, and pursue the innovation and application of technology for the benefit of our global society, with particular emphasis on Puerto Rico.


Build a support ecosystem to enhance research capabilities. Develop agile processes that benefit the researcher. Highlight and disseminate the achievements of our research community. Networking with other efforts in the innovation and entrepreneurship community.


DR&I provides specialized support to UPRM at large scale, starting from education and training, passing through invention disclosures, patent application and final patent assignment.

Many research projects and centers have been funded and established with the contribution of industrial, governmental, private and federal agencies to support our research initiatives.


Increase applications to our graduate schools

Optimize the administrative processes associated with research

Support researchers in the growth and diversification of research funds

Wearable Engineering

Design and development of wearable devices equipped with sensors, microprocessors, and wireless communication capabilities. These devices collect and transmit data in real-time and can measure a range of physiological and environmental parameters. Involving integrated hardware and software to process and analyze data, and developing user interfaces and applications. Applications can be found in healthcare, sports, and fitness, fashion, and entertainment.

Radar Engineering

Radar systems that works with radio waves to detect and locate objects, and can be used in a variety of applications such as aviation, defense and meteorology. Includes development of hardware components such as antennas, transmitters, and receivers, as well as the software algorithms used to process and interpret radar signals.

Turbine Tech

Design, development and production of devices that convert fluid energy into mechanical energy. Turbines are typically used in power generation, aviation, and marine propulsion systems, and can be driven by steam, gas, or water. Involving design of the turbine blades and their arrangement to maximize energy output and efficiency.

Additive Manufacturing

Known as 3D printing, process of creating a three-dimensional object by building them layer by layer from a digital model. This technology revolutionized the manufacturing industry by enabling the production of complex and customized parts that are difficult to create using traditional manufacturing methods. Materials that can be used includes: plastic, metals, ceramics, with applications on aerospace, healthcare, automotive and more.

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On this basis, the DR&I office has been re-structured to provide qualified technical and administrative support in:

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On this basis, the DR&I office has been re-structured to provide qualified technical and administrative support in:

“Our mission is to recognize our researchers, that’s why we decided to make a journal that focus on the research carried out in our Faculty.”

Ricky Valentin-Rullan

Associate Dean, College of Engineering DR&I

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