Hi! We are Idea Platform…

We are a Business incubator formed and operated by students who are passionate about helping Puerto Rico’s youth reach their business goals through innovation and entrepreneurship. The best talent Puerto Rico has to offer is continuously leaving to find opportunities elsewhere, our aim is to prepare Puerto Rico’s students to be able to create their own opportunities right here on the island.

Our Story and History, How We Started. Founded in December 2014, we started after noticing that our university (UPRM) lacked the proper resources to motivate and prepare college students to become tomorrow’s innovation leaders and entrepreneurs.

What we offer students:

We are in the business of delivering value to students by developing events, programs, spaces, and student communities. We also serve as a bridge between students and all other internal I&E resources on campus such as the intellectual property office, and mentor professors in the E-Ship and Business Center. Plus, access to a number of external resources such as industry experts, business accelerators, entrepreneurial competitions and more…

Business Experts

Get access to a wide range of business and field experts.


Get access to various tech tools.


The advantage of a coworking office environment.

Individual Consultations

Have questions or want feedback on your business idea?

Free Materials

The advantage of free* office supplies.

These tools are design to help develop your business idea and reach your full potential.


E.P.I.C. Makerspace

Founded in 2015, the E.P.I.C. Makerspace is a place where students can have access to tools, equipment and learning resources for hacking, making, co-working, and business development.


  1. Startup Job Fair
  2. Elicit Innovation
  3. I&E Workshop Series
  4. Bio-Informatics Workshop

Fab & VR Labs

Fabrication and prototyping lab equipped with the tools necessary for heavy-duty projects. Space focused on learning and developing VR, AR and MR technologies.

E-Ship Network

A community made up of students and professors at the UPRM as well as emerging entrepreneurs from different parts of the island who share the commitment of creating opportunities for collaboration and networking between innovative minds.Read More »

Community Ecosystem

There are over six (6) communities within Idea Platform. Each community is composed of students that share a common passion for a specific technology, industry or field.


Let us help you develop insight into business trends and ideas.


Questions? - Let us Know!



The Office:

E.P.I.C. Makerspace – 1st Floor UPRM Student Center | M-F 9AM-5PM
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