Digital media are transforming communication in the 21st century, to the extent that digital literacy is becoming essential for the contemporary and future job market. This track is designed to enhance and certify your digital literacy skills through a series of courses that address programming, code literacy, digital arts and culture, digital rhetoric, and creative productions in digital media.

To obtain the Digital Media Track certificate, you must take 15 credits in the following areas:

  • Innovation Tracks core courses: 6 credits
  • Digital Media skills courses: 3 credits or equivalent
    • CIIC 3010 / COMP 3010: Introducción a la Programación de Computadoras (Python)
    • Certification of an online course on programming, Web design, or coding skills (Coursera, Codecademy, etc)
  • Digital Media communication and culture courses: 6 credits

Suggested Technical Courses:

Course Codification Course Name Course Description Pre-Requirements Co-Requirements
INGL 3300* Digital Media Criticism This course is concerned with the production of criticism using a variety of writing genres and formats developed and facilitated in digital media. The students will research, write, and produce criticism of a variety of works available in print and digital media, while learning the genres and conventions of digital genres, such as: blogging, podcasts, videos, listicles, social media performances, and live streaming performances. INGL 3202, INGL 3104, or INGL 3212 none
INGL 3238* Digital Creative Writing Digital Creative Writing explores how our creativity can be shaped by the capabilities of computers, programming, touchscreen devices, the Web, apps, social networks, and so on. Students enrolled in this course will write creatively using these digital technologies to produce electronic literature in a variety of digital genres: blogging, constraint-based writing, adaptation, remix, e-poetry, hypertext, interactive fiction, games, bots, kinetic typography, memes, and more. INGL 3202, INGL 3104, or INGL 3212 none
INGL 3268* Digital Writing for the Media This course will explore the Web as a platform for organizations to publish information, news, press releases, and other kinds of professional writing in support of their mission and the needs of their audiences. We will use several UPRM based web sites as case studies, and as projects for students to develop content for them. INGL 3202, INGL 3104, or INGL 3212 none
INTD 4995* Digital Humanities Internship This internship will provide hands-on work experience on several Digital Humanities projects Leonardo Flores is currently developing, primarily I ♥ E-Poetry and the English Department Website. The work will involve developing and tagging files with metadata, working on link structures, describing born-digital materials, learning how to use open-source software like Wordpress to build collections, knowledge bases, and resources, preparing data sets for visualizations, and other related Digital Humanities work. by invitation only. none
INGL 4998* Supervised Research in English This course is for project based supervised research in English. The projects need to help develop digital humanities or digital media skills. by invitation only. none

*These courses count for the Digital Media Innovation Track only when taught by Prof. Leonardo Flores.