The courses in this track provide an opportunity to learn and apply basic filmmaking skills that can be used in the creation of a variety of different kinds of film and video products. These products include fiction films, documentaries, music videos, educational films, promotional films and advertising, web videos, and others. The skills taught in the courses can be used to improve the quality of videos made for any purpose. They are also skills that anyone who wants to become a filmmaker needs to learn.

To complete the Innovation Track in Film, you must take:

  • The Innovation Tracks core courses (6 credits)
  • 9 credits in one or more of the following courses:

Suggested Technical Courses:

Course Codification Course Name Course Description Pre-Requirements Co-Requirements
CINE 4025 Special Topics Workshops and courses that focus on different filmmaking skills are offered as sections of this variable credit course. These range from 1 credit weekend workshops, to semester-long 3 credit courses. Topics include screenwriting, film directing, cinematography, sound for television and film, film editing, and postproduction. A student can take up to 9 credits of courses within the framework of CINE4025. For more information about specific sections of the course being offered and how to enroll in them, contact Mary Leonard: 24 Credits None
CINE 4015 Digital Videomaking In this semester-long course, students learn the entire process of making a film, and complete two group projects: a music video and a short film. 48 Credits None