Internet of Things encompasses billions of devices connected wirelessly to the internet, generating vast amounts of data in real time. The job market for professionals who can engineer these connections is growing exponentially. In this innovation track program, students will learn the tools and technologies needed to build cutting-edge solutions that make possible the internet of things.

Specific learning outcomes include:

  • Apply concepts involved in machine-to-machine communications
  • Apply techniques for connecting to and reading sensor data
  • Develop application interfaces to the cloud
  • Use tools to store, process and visualize data collected by IoT devices

To obtain the IoT Track certificate, you must take two technical courses (6 credits) in addition to the core courses in entrepreneurship (see About for more details).

Technical Courses:

Course Code Course Name Course Description Pre-requirements
CIIC 4070 Computer Networks Study and development of skills required for the design of network protocols and network-centric applications, with emphasis on Internet protocols. Topics include: the ISO layered model, TCP/IP, routing, client-server model, World Wide Web, and Web Services. Practice with analysis and programming problems. CIIC 4050
CIIC 5995 Special Topics in CSE (Topics: Programming for Internet of Things) This course focuses on developing and deploying solutions for the Internet of Things. Authorization of the Director of the Department.