Common Facts

Common Facts

The currency is the US dollars. All major credit cards are accepted in most establishments. You can use most of the state side ATM cards and others mayor networks like PLUS and Cirrus are accepted by ATM machines and in stores when making purchases. There is 7% sale tax.

The area codes are 787 and 939. When dialing a number outside the local area you must dial "1" and the area code for the number. The emergency number is 911 and the information number is 411. The major wireless providers in the island are Claro, AT&T, Sprint PCS, and Open Mobile .

The electric current used troughout the country is 110 volts, 60 cycles. Special fixures allow the use of 220 volts, 60 cycles. PR is on Atlantic Standard Time all year around, which is one hour later than Eastern Standard Time from October to April, and the same as Eastern Daylight Saving Time from April to October.

PR has a yearround summer with different regional climates. The temperature along the coast is 80sºF/27ºC to low 90sºF/32ºC during the day and 75ºF/24ºC or so at night. In the mountains is 10 to 20 degrees Farenheight cooler year around. In Mayagüez rain often in the afternoon most of the year, is a good idea to carry an umbrella for the rain.

Driving in PR is on the right hand side of the road. A valid driver's license can be used for up to one month.

The US Department of Agriculture prohibits the movement of certain products to mainland and to the island from other countries. Please contact the US Department of Agriculture for more information, TEL. (787) 253-4510 or the US Customs at TEL. (787) 253-4533.

All US Federal laws and regulations apply in PR.


Tho official languages are Spanish and English. Classes in campus are offered either in english or spanish depending on the professors preferance. Almost all textbooks are in english. Administrative paperwork is available mainly in spanish. Most locals understand and speak english.

Security at the airports:

Due to new security requirements established by the Department of Homeland Security all baggage and travelers will be inspected at the airport. So plan ahead for some delays and pack light.