Driving to Campus

Driving to University of PR, Mayagüez

The University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus is located in the city of Mayagüez. The city of Mayagüez is the largest town in the west coast of the island. Located some two and one-half hours away from San Juan.

Rent a car:
Once you arrive to San Juan International Airport you can rent a car at the airport. The following companies have offices at the airport:



(787) 791-0840
  Avis (787) 753-5926
  Thrifty (787)-253-2525, (787)-791-2820
  Budget (787)-791-0600

Other companies have free pickup services and return for example Dollar Rent-A-Car 787-725-5350.

Driving to Colegio:
Driving to Mayagüez is fairly easy. Getting out of the airport take road number 26 west (Baldorioty de Castro) towards San Juan/Bayamón. Once in 26 you will drive for about 10-15 minutes and you will see the exit for the 22 Highway south towards Bayamón. You will notice the exit. It’s marked with big red signs indicating that vehicles with flammable or explosive materials may not use the Minillas Tunnel. Once you take this exit you will go thru the Minillas Tunnel (short tunnel). Out of the tunnel stay on the middle lanes until you see the signs for Highway 22 in direction to Bayamón / Arecibo. The road will split into two directions to the left is Caguas and to the right is Highway 22. You should be now on Highway 22 also known as “Espreso de Diego”.

There are a series of tolls in Highway 22 so make sure you have change or cash available. Highway 22 will take you straight to Arecibo which is about 50 minutes to an hour drive. Highway 22 will then become Highway number 2. Stay on Highway 2 traveling towards Aguadilla / Isabela. Highway 2 will actually take you straight to the University.

Once you see a fairly large shopping center in your right side you are getting close to Colegio. In this shopping center you will see K-Mart, SAMS Club, PepBoys and Home Depot. From this shopping center you are exactly 6 traffic lights (counting the one at the shopping center) away from the University.

Once you reach the 6th traffic light, which is in front of Walgreens you must stay on the left lane because Highway 2 will split up ahead. The split happens right on the 7th traffic light. Right after this 7th light there will be a left turn at the next light. Take this left turn and you are now in Colegio, Welcome…