Welcome to your English Writing Center!


What is the English Writing Center?
The EWC is a safe place where you can work with peers (undergraduate and graduate students) to improve your writing and speaking in English.
What to expect from a peer-tutoring session?
  • To learn something new about English written and/or verbal expression.
  • To improve the work brought to each session (≠ a “perfect” paper or an “A paper”).
  • To be asked questions about your work by the tutor.
  • To set your own goals and objectives for each tutoring session and communicate those to the tutor.
  • To revise and edit your own work with the support of the tutor, who WILL NOT write on your paper.
What the writing center is NOT:
  • A grammar correction or professional editing service.
  • A place where others will do the work you are expected to do.
  • A place for passive and disinterested interactions with tutors.


Dr. Nancy V. Vicente Vélez
Dr. Vicente is a Professor of English who specializes in English critical pedagogy, Latino/a studies and English composition at all levels. She has been the Site-Director of the MayaWest Writing Project for over a decade. This project provides Professional Development writing workshops for local teachers in the summer and throughout the year as well as two summer camps for young writers. She is currently one of the Professors-in-charge of the minor in Writing and Communication from the English Department.


Alison L. Vázquez Crespo
Sixth-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Writing and Communication in English. Her experience with Information Systems landed an internship where she has taken concepts learned in the classroom and implemented them in real-world applications. Now as a tutor, she’s able to help students and graduates with writing and developing their resumes for academic and work opportunities, which has become one of her favorite parts of student life. Some of her hobbies include digital drawing, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and thrifting.
Judith M. Aponte Valentín
Fourth-year undergraduate in the English Department studying the literature track with a concentration in Teacher Preparation. As well as a minor in Project Management and a curricular sequence in Human Welfare. Some of her hobbies are painting canvas, creating resin jewelry, reading, and writing.  
Kevin J. De Armas Buchhorsts
Second-year English Graduate Student in the MAEE program and the current English Graduate Student Representative. He has Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education of English with Multimedia Technology from UPR Aguadilla and is certified as a Secondary Level English Educator by the DEPR. When he is not studying or teaching, he enjoys listening music, spending time with friends, sports, and video games. 
Natalie M. Kage
Third-semester graduate student in the MAEE program. She has a bachelor’s degree in educational studies. She is currently doing research on communicative competence in EFL teachers living and working abroad. In the future she would like to continue to teach English as a Foreign Language all around the globe. Some of her hobbies include roller skating, cooking and baking, hiking, and playing tennis. 
Orlando G. Vázquez Crespo
Third-year undergraduate English student, currently studying to obtain his certification for teaching in English. As soon as he finished with its studies, he hopes to teach English to international students. His hobbies include reading and writing, particularly of the fiction variety.  


Yulaiza A. Llerandi Soto
Fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student pursuing a minor degree in Project Management. Her goals as a student are to continue to grow in the professional development journey she has worked hard to obtain, while also using her experiences to help other students achieve their goals. Her goals for the future are to establish herself as a successful engineer, known for her passion for bilingual communications and community service. Her hobbies include trying new foods, going to the beach, exercising, and spending time with family and friends.