Welcome to your English Writing Center!

The English Writing Center(EWC) is a place where you can work with peers (undergraduate and graduate students) to improve your writing and speaking in English.

We offer tutoring on:

  • Essays

  • Scientific reports

  • Thesis

  • Summarizes

  • Oral presentations

  • Speaking logs

What to expect from a peer-tutoring session?
  • To learn something new about English written and/or verbal expression.

  • To improve the work brought to each session (Which means it wont become an automatic “A” or “perfect” paper ).

  • To be asked questions about your work by the tutor.

  • To set your own goals and objectives for each tutoring session and communicate those to the tutor.

  • To revise and edit your own work with the support of the tutor, who WILL NOT write on your paper.


Dr. Waleska Morciglio
Dr. Morciglio is a Professor of English.



Orlando G. Vázquez Crespo


Fourth-year undergraduate English major, currently studying to obtain his certification for teaching in English. As soon as he finished with his studies, he hopes to teach English to international students. His hobbies include reading and writing, particularly of the fiction variety.  


Natasha M. González Rosado


Fourth-year undergraduate English major concentrating in linguistics. In the future she intends to further her academic pursuits by pursuing a master’s degree in Linguistics in the United States. She is excited about the opportunities this will provide for personal and professional growth, as well as the chance to explore new interests. In her spare time, she enjoys singing and recording music.


Natalia K. Bulerín

Mayors in Industrial Microbiology with interest in veterinary medicine. Is considered by her peers to be intellectual, responsible and dedicated. Is a very diverse student, participating in various activities related to different fields of study to amplify her knowledge. She enjoys spending her time watching movies, listening to music, playing tennis, and taking photographs.


Yalis C. Arroyo Ortiz

Sixth-year college student pursuing a B.S. in English in Linguistics with a minor in writing and communication. She is a highly responsible and empathetic individual with a proactive attitude. She enjoys collaborating in teams to provide the best service and support to students. Her focus is on efficiency and quality, always striving to exceed expectations and contribute positively to the work environment. When she is not reading or listening to music she loves to bake and cook traditional and non-traditional foods for her family.