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In 2012, the University of Puerto Rico approved a new UPR Policy and Guidelines for Financial Conflict of Interest and Commitments in Research and Sponsored Programs [Certification Number 8 (2012-2013)] to comply with new federal norms.  It aims “to identify, eliminate, or manage any possible threat to the integrity of the research and sponsored programs conducted at the University of Puerto Rico.”

All ‘investigators’, as defined by the policy, are required to disclose if they have or not a significant financial interest (SFI) annually, or at the time of proposal submission.  In the event the SFI is identified as a financial conflict of interest (FCOI), the institution is required to eliminate or manage it properly to avoid any threat to the integrity of the research. A FCOI arises when a financial interest, or other opportunity for personal financial gain, is likely to compromise or influence the objective design, conduct, reporting, or direct administration of research. 

This page contains relevant information on this policy and its procedures.


Annual FCOI Disclosure for YEAR 2015 Due: May 2016
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