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The UPRM Coastal Resilience Center (CRC) is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. The objective of the CRC is to provide resilience education and help develop the workforce of first responders, professionals, students, and faculty, who work against hazards affecting the coastal infrastructure with a special focus on our Island.

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The core of our educational initiatives lies in the CRC’s Interactive Learning Hub (IHL), hosted on Moodle. This dynamic platform offers a user-friendly and interactive learning experience. By registering, you’ll unlock FREE access to comprehensive resilience education, positioning yourself to make a tangible impact within your community.

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  • Cutting-Edge Content: Stay ahead of the curve with courses crafted by experts in the field, addressing the latest challenges in coastal resilience
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Dive into topics including Coastal Hazards and Risk in Puerto Rico: A Comprehensive Series on Probabilistic Analysis, Numerical Modeling, and Storm Simulation, Compound Inundation, River Basins, Tide and Surge Conditions, Tsunami Preparedness, Coastal Risk Management, Seismic Risks, Resilient Design, Circular Economy, Hurricane Impact Assessment, Atmospheric Event-Driven Sediment Liberation, and Microzone Wind Maps. Join us for an enriching educational experience at the UPRM Coastal Resilience Center!

Expert-Led Courses

By signing up, you’ll gain access to FREE cutting-edge resilience education taught by field experts from the federal and local government, as well as the private sector, including FEMA, USDA, ERDC, USACE, NOAA, DRNA, TetraTech, CCC, and more!

As a participant, you will receive a Certificate of Continuing Education upon completion, showcasing your commitment to ongoing learning and community resilience, valid for CIAPR and CEP contact hours!

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How to Register:

  1. Visit our website: CRC Interactive Learning Hub
  2. Click on “Log in” in the top right corner
  3. If it is your first time in the ILH, click “Create new account”
  4. Fill in your details to create your profile
  5. Log in and browse our course catalog
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  7. Begin your journey toward becoming a resilient force in your community

Issues registering for your ILH account? Follow the video tutorial or contact us at crc@uprm.edu.

How to Complete a Course and Earn Your Certificate:

  1. Log in on our website: CRC Interactive Learning Hub
  2. Remember to enroll in Webinars AND the course of your choice
  3. Click on the interactive video activity
  4. Answer the questions correctly to advance. You MUST watch the video until the end. If you navigate away from the page before the video ends, you will lose your progress.
  5. At the end, you must click the SUBMIT button to record your answers.
  6. Once the interactive video activity is marked as DONE!, you will be able to retrieve your certificate!

Issues obtaining your participation certificate? Follow the video tutorial or contact us at crc@uprm.edu.

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