Provide leadership and allocate resources to ensure that the Campus can provide an excellent service to Puerto Rico and the world:

Forming educated, educated citizens, capable of thinking critically and professionally prepared in the fields of agricultural sciences, engineering, arts, sciences and business administration so that they can contribute to educational, cultural, social, technological and economic development.
Carrying out creative work, research and service, that meets the needs of society and disseminating the results of these activities so that they are accessible to all.
We seek to develop means by which we provide our students with the necessary skills and sensitivity to effectively solve the problems we face and be an example of the values ​​and attitudes that should prevail in a democratic society that values ​​and respects diversity.


Be the office that leads the initiatives to become a vanguard institution in higher education and research, transforming society through the search for knowledge, in an environment of ethics, justice and peace.