Assessment Committee – College of Arts and Sciences

Mission Statement and Goals

The Assessment Committee provides departmental assessment coordinators with a space to  deliberate  and share concerns about the theory and praxis of learning assessment and administrative assessment. The assessment culture of the College of Arts and Sciences is based on a self-reflective and data driven process that encourages collaboration across all academic fields.


The Assessment Committee performs assessment at different levels. The committee conducts research related to co-curricular issues that impact the classroom and Program Assessment of (1) General Education Student Learning Outcomes, (2) College of Arts and Sciences Learning Outcomes, and (3) Program Learning Outcomes.


The committee also publishes and presents at different forums. It also organizes workshops to facilitate the assessment process at the departmental level. The committee currently has two new publications: A volume for Language Science Press based on language assessment Assessment Volume Language Science Press and the Avalúo Plus Journal Avaluo Plus Volumen 3 2024 CEPA v1 3.pdf.


The committee also follows the guidelines established by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education for all programs MSCHE. The Nursing Program is also accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing ACEN

For any questions or concerns or to provide feedback to the committee, please contact Dr. Rosita L. Rivera or Ms. Jamilette Acevedo at