Carla Lorraine earned her B.S. in Chemistry from Universidad Metropolitana, Cupey Campus. In 2012, she obtained an M.S. in Environmental Risk Assessment and Management from the same institution. Her master thesis project focused on the efficiency of mangrove species as bioremediators of heavy metal contamination in coastal ecosystems. After graduating, she worked as an Environmental and Occupational Safety Specialist consultant at various pharmaceutical, medical device, food & beverage, and technology industries as well as for federal and local government institutions. Inspired by her passion for learning and her love for nature, she decided to go back to the university and pursue a degree in Chemical Oceanography. At present, Carla is working on her Ph.D. at the Department of Marine Sciences in the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez and is a member of the BERG lab. Her research interests are related to carbon biogeochemistry and functional linkages in coastal ecosystems as well as remote sensing applications to better understand nearshore processes.