Current projects

YearProject NameMain Author
2023 – presentDevelopment and implementation of a water quality monitoring program in shallow coral reef areas around Puerto RicoTravis Courtney
2022 – presentDevelopment and implementation of a Biological Condition Gradient (BCG) model around Puerto RicoJuan J. Cruz-Motta

Past research projects

YearProject nameMain author
Deep Coral Reef Ecosystem Studies (Deep-CRES): Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems CruiseRichard Appeldoorn et al.
2010Sedimentation patterns at reef sites adjacent to the Guanica Bay watershed, Southwest Puerto RicoClark Sherman
2008Taking coastal mapping to a new level: assessing habitat composition and water properties of shallow coastal ecosystems along the coast of Puerto Rico using hyperspectral remote sensingJames Goodman
2008Mapping red hind groupers at spawning aggregation sites with an AUV and long-term acoustic recorders in Southwest Puerto RicoDavid Mann
2007Reef fish spawning aggregations of the Puerto Rican shelfEdgardo Ojeda
2006Cyanobacterial blooms on coral reefs and algal epizoic growth on corals in Southwest Puerto RicoDavid L. Ballantine
2006Selective monitoring of Puerto Rican coral reefsEdwin A. Hernandez-Delgado
2006Monitoring the marine ornamental fishery in Puerto RicoSteve R. LeGore
2006Development of software applications for assessing the effects of land disturbance on sediment yieldsCarlos E. Ramos-Scharrón
2006Habitat mapping of the West coast of Puerto RicoJose A. Rivera
2006Mona reef community structure and function for MPA designMichelle T. Schärer
2006Genetic variability of Acropora cervicornis and A. palmata in Puerto RicoNikolaos Schizas
2006Experimental studies of factors affecting coral factors affecting coral recruitment in La Parguera, Puerto RicoAlina M. Szmant
2006Strategies for the development and implementation of Marine Protected areas in Puerto RicoManuel Valdes-Pizzini


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