Grunts (Haemulidae), parrotfish (Scaridae), and butterflyfish (Chaetodontidae) cruising through a coral reef (credit: Fuka jaz)

Welcome to the Caribbean Coral Reef Institute

The Caribbean Coral Reef Institute (CCRI) is a research-oriented organization associated with the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez (UPRM).

CCRI sponsors scientific research and monitoring programs that address short and long-term management-driven priorities for the understanding and managing of the coral reef ecosystem of the US Caribbean.

Our activities address the major threats to coral reefs within an ecosystem context, including human socio-economic dimensions, and enhance our understanding of the biological and physical processes that structure coral reefs and impact the health of the ecosystem.

Through its sponsored programs and partnerships, CCRI aims to build research and management capacity in order to fully utilize the scientific expertise of the region in promoting both sustainable ecosystems and the services they provide.