Yellow-band disease (YBD) is characterized by large rings or patches of bleached, yellow tissue on Caribbean zooxanthellate coralsMontastraea faveolata and M. annularis colonies in reefs located on Mona Island have been affected by YBD and, on some occasions, exhibited multiple infections on the colony surface over time. In 2003, most viable corals first affected by YBD between 1999 and 2001 were still affected with colonies, losing 50-100% of their tissue. This disease is considered the greatest threat to the survival of Montastraea spp. populations, another important reef building species, and its prevalence has progressively increased in deeper sites over the last four years.

YBD in Montastraea faveolata colony in Cayo Turrumote, Lajas P.R. Credit: Ernesto Weil
Montastrea faveolata affected by YBD. Credit: Ernesto Weil

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