My principal interest is the experimental analysis of ecological processes that affect and determine patterns of distribution of natural communities associated with marine and coastal ecosystems, particularly (but not limited to): rocky shores, seagrass beds and mangroves. In order to understand these processes, it is necessary to describe rigorously and quantitatively patterns of temporal and spatial distribution of these communities at the appropriate scales. This line of research has resulted, inevitably, in a great interest on problems associated with the logic behind experiments and sampling programs. Consequently, my areas of expertise are:

  1. Experimental design and analysis of ecological/environmental data
  2. Long term monitoring programs of coastal and marine communities at large spatial scales (Continental)
  3. Investigation on the effects of environmental impacts related to human activities (in particular those related to the oil industry)
  4. Relationship between monitoring programs and environmental management.

All of the above, with the ultimate objective to contribute to a better and more fluent relationship between ecological theory, experimental design and their applications to environmental management and administration

Recent Publications (2010-2015)

  • Edlin J. Guerra-Castro; Jesús Eloy Conde; Juan J. Cruz-Motta. 2016. Scales of spatial variation in tropical benthic assemblages and their ecological relevance: epibionts on Caribbean mangrove roots as a model system.Marine Ecology Progress Series. In Press
  • Ricardo González-Muñoz, Nuno Simões, Edlin J. Guerra-Castro, Carlos Hernández-Ortíz, Gabriela, Carrasquel, Enio Mendez, Carlos Lira, Martin Rada, Iván Hernández, Sheila M. Pauls, Aldo Croquer, Juan J. Cruz-Motta. 2016. Sea anemones (Cnidaria: Actiniaria, Corallimorpharia, Ceriantharia, Zoanthidea) from marine shallow-water environments in Venezuela: new records and an updated inventory. Marine Biodiversity Records. In press
  • Guerra-Castro, E.; Cruz-Motta, J.J. 2014. Ecology of fouling assemblages associated with mangrove’s roots: an artificial substrate for manipulative experiments. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 457: 31-40.