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What is the Receiving & Delivery Office?

The Receiving & Dispatch Office closes the purchasing loop by handling the receiving of ordered materials and equipment and its dispatch to researchers and offices. Among the services provided by the RDO are shipment reception, package dispatch, order verification, postal metering management, inventory, and liaison for property office tagging. The office is managed by a supply supervisor, an administrative assistant, a messenger, and a purchasing & supply assistant.



The Receiving and Dispatch Office (RDO) receives all materials and equipment purchased by researchers whose projects are administered by the R&D Center. To properly manage their receipt, ALL purchases should indicate delivery at the R&D Center premises. 

Service Process

R&D Center Physical Address:

        Research and Development Center (R&DC) / 

        Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo (CID)

        Road 108 km 1.0 Bo. Miradero 

        Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00680  

Postal Address:

        Research and Development Center (R&DC) / 

        Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo (CID) 

        Call Box 9000 

        Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00681-9000

If due to special circumstances, the receipt is coordinated for a different site (e.g. PI’s building), the researcher is responsible of notifying the RDO Office in order to properly account for the receipt, and subsequently, the payment of the order. 


The Office dispatches the materials / equipment to the researchers, coordinating the delivery to the proper building or laboratory, or notifying the buyer (PI or associated contact person).

Package Support

The Office also coordinates any returns and assists researchers in the solution of problems he / she may have with materials or equipment purchased.

Return of Equipment and Materials

If for any reason, there is need to return equipment or materials received, you must contact the R&D Center’s Receiving & Dispatch Office.

Contact Information

Office Phone: 783-833-4200

Office Hours: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm (Monday through Friday)

Location: Basement (B1) – R&DC Main Building Staff

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