Chemistry Department


Dr. Carlos Marín

Department of General Engineering

Associate Professor

Nanotechnology Research Projects on Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics, Advanced Composites and Superconductors

The Nanomaterials Processing Laboratory (NPL) of the University of Puerto Rico has recently been awarded three research grants to explore new technologies (Office of Naval Research) for (i) production of ultra-pure nanoparticles for fabrication of ultra-high temperature ceramics (Office of Naval Research), (ii) assembly of polymer composites highly loaded with carbon nanostructures and (iii) fabrication of advanced nanowires with potential for superconduction (National Science Foundation).

In this talk, we will be presenting the ideas behind these investigations and the research plans scheduled for the efforts. The NPL is especially interested in establishing interactions with students and faculty members in the Chemistry Department and benefit from their expertise and skills through possible collaborations and research assistantships.