Chemistry Department


Mechanistic Chemical Perspective of Hydrogen Sulfide Signaling

Péter Nagy

Department of Molecular Immunology and Toxicology, National Institute of Oncology, 1122 Budapest Ráth György utca 7-9, Hungary

Email: peter.nagy@oncol.hu


It is now widely appreciated that hydrogen sulfide is a master regulator in a diverse array of physiological processes. However, as a side effect, the rapidly growing number of intriguing discoveries entail an increasing number of controversies in the field. We use a mechanistic chemical approach to elucidate and reconcile molecular mechanisms of sulfide’s biological actions.

This presentation is focused on the chemical aspects of 1) protein sulfhydration 2) coordination/redox interactions of sulfide with heme proteins and 3) the cross-talk between sulfide and NO signaling, which are the most extensively studied mechanisms in sulfide biology.

In addition, a perspective on sulfide’s bioavailability, introducing the roles of large sulfide storing pools as biological buffers, will be communicated.