Give to UPR - Mayagüez Campus

As a centenary institution, the Mayagüez University Campus (RUM) remains firm in its mission to forge professionals of excellence. There are already more than 80 thousand graduates who, through the generations, testify about the educational quality they have received here.
Times may be challenging, but our zeal to remain firm in the educational place that has characterized us for more than a century, is indelible.

Your support will help UPRM move forward in the noble mission entrusted to us. This will allow us to continue our path of success, attract the best students and teachers, provide funds for the continuity and establishment of educational programs, as well as improve the facilities. In short, secure funds for the university endowment, so necessary for the positive transformation of Puerto Rico.

Alumni, industry representatives, foundation administrators, friends of the COLEGIO: We need your support!

Your donation will help us so that the quality and competitiveness that characterizes us as an educational institution, remain as we share it with force in our cry of belonging.