El Nuevo Día

First printed comparison with Greece (2011):

Nueva amenaza al crédito

Es Puerto Rico Grecia?

Factura costosa

Government (2009-12) said it left an improving economy to the next administration.

Una economía sin trabajadores (p. 1)

Una economía sin trabajadores (p. 2)

Una economía sin trabajadores (p. 3)

The new government (2013-2016) argued for time to address structural issues.

Puerto Rio y su cita con Wall Street (p. 1)

Puerto Rico y su cita con Wall Street (p. 2)

The debt downgrade is a matter of time.

Presagio de más aprietos (p. 1)

Presagio de más aprietos (p. 2)

Government and society still unwilling to address fiscal and economic problems.  Three months later, the specialized press (Barron’s) “discovered” that Puerto Rico was a ticking time bomb.

Urgencia fiscal que pocos entienden (p. 1)

Urgencia fiscal que pocos entienden (p. 2)

We still do not want to face reality.  A month later, Puerto Rico bonds were downgraded to junk and the general interest press would discover Puerto Rico.  The first big article would be published by the New York Times on Sunday, February 8, 2014.  There were no printed issues to be found, as they mysteriously disappeared early on this morning.

En positivo los recaudos

Government’s (2013-2016) solution is the largest municipal bond issue in history.

Dobre tijera en la mirilla fiscal (p. 1)

Doble tijera en la mirilla fiscal (p. 2)

How did it come to this?

Proyecto inconcluso