NSF I-Corps is a customer discovery boot camp for researchers, scientist and engineers looking to build and develop a scalable business out of their technology.




Next Cohorts: April 13, 27 & May 4, 2019. Apply Now!


NSF I-Corps Site UPRM helps identify valuable product opportunities that can emerge from academic research, and gain skills in entrepreneurship through training in customer discovery and guidance from established entrepreneurs.

Program Includes

  • 3 educational workshops

  • Coaching sessions

  • One-on-one coaching opportunities

Who Should Apply
Teams with ideas for a startup
What You'll Learn
  • Lean startup methodology

  • Customer Discovery

  • Business Model Canvas

  • How to reduce the risk of failure

Benefits of Participation
  • Learn What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

  • Evaluate the Startup Potential for your Research

  • Travel Funds for Customer Discovery

  • Qualification for the I-Corps Teams Program

  • Business idea needs to be tech-based and/or STEM related

  • Teams need to commit to attend all workshops

  • Teams need to commit to do at least 30 interviews

  • Teams need to identify a location to travel (outside of PR) to perform 30 more interviews. May be a trade show.

Participating Teams

Provides the leadership to the team, organizes the customer discovery activity, spokesperson for the team. One will focus in technology and the other in business.

Provides business expertise and guidance to the team. Usually a serial entrepreneur or executive with industry experience.

Provides technology expertise and guidance to the team. Could serve as PI for the application to the $50K national NSF I-corps program.