Non-Profit Organizations: Strengthening Initiative For Economic Development

Who we are

An Initiative of the Business and Economic Development Center: An EDA University Center

The Helping Hand of Non-Profit Organizations

We provide technical assistance in economic development proposals. We provide non-profit organizations with solutions to overcome difficulties and improve their efficiency in economic development initiatives.

Provider of Opportunities for Graduate Students

We train graduate students on topics related to the Third Sector. After the completion of the 32-hour training program, they are ready to work, alongside our staff, on the Technical Action Plans for the Non-Profit Organizations and be deployed to assist them if needed.

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Worth of Service (Funded by EDA and UPRM)
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Our Mission

To drive sustainable growth and innovation in non-profit organizations focused on economic development, through effective strategies and specialized resources, thus strengthening the socioeconomic sector of Puerto Rico.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as catalysts for technical development and efficiency of the human capital within nonprofit entities, thereby elevating their technical skills and development capacity.


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Organizations That Have Made This Possible

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