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Arnaldo Carrasquillo Professor
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phone: (787) 832-4040 ext. 2386
fax: (787) 265-3849
email: arnaldo.carrasquil@upr.edu
office: Q-371
website: Not available
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Ph.D. Texas A&M, 1995

Teaching Interests

General chemistry
Analytical chemistry

Research Interests

Research efforts are aimed at understanding the role played by electrode surface composition and structure in determining and controlling the electrochemical reactivity of species present at electrode-solution interfaces. Current research projects study fundamental aspects of electrocatalysis, molecular adsorption and biosensor technologies. The studies combine the use of XPS, AES, LEED, TDMS, Vibrational Spectroscopies, Thin Layer and classical electrochemical methods.

Selected Publications

  1. M. Rodríguez-López, J. Solla Gullón, E. Herrero, P. Tuñon, J.M. Feliu, A. Aldaz and A. Carrasquillo, “Electrochemical Reactivity of Aromatic Molecules at Nanometer-Sized Surface Domains: From Pt(hkl) Single Crystal Electrodes to Preferentially Oriented Platinum Nanoparticles.", Journal of the American Chemical Society 2010, 132(7), 2233-2242.
  2. M. Rodriguez-Lopez, P. Tuñon, J.M. Feliu, A. Aldaz and A. Carrasquillo, Jr, “Use of Model Pt(111) Single Crystal Electrodes under HMRDE Configuration to Study the Redox Mechanism for Charge Injection at Aromatic/Metal Interfaces.” Langmuir 2010, 26(3), 2124-2129.
  3. M. Rodríguez-López, A. Rodes, E. Herrero, P. Tuñon, J.M. Feliu, A. Aldaz and A. Carrasquillo, Jr, “Domain-Selective Reactivity of Hydroquinone-Derived Adlayers at Basal Pt(hkl) Single Crystal Electrodes.” Langmuir 2009, 25, 10337-10344.
  4. M. Rodríguez López, A. Rodes, A. Berna, V. Climent, E. Herrero, P. Tunon, J.M. Feliu, A. Aldaz, A. Carrasquillo Jr., “Model System for the Study of 2D Phase Transitions and Supramolecular Interactions at Electrified Interfaces:Hydrogen Assisted Reductive Desorption of Catechol-Derived Adlayers from Pt(111) Single-Crystal Electrodes.” Langmuir 2008, 24(7), 3551-3561.
  5. Eunice Mercado, Margarita Rodríguez-López, Omar López, Glenda Rodríguez, Estevao R. Fachini, Paulino Tuñón Blanco, Arnaldo Carrasquillo Jr., "Effect of bismuth surface coverage on the kinetics of quinine-hydroquinone at polycrystalline platinum electrodes." Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2007, 604(1), 26–32.