Epistêmê: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Academic Research

What is Epistêmê

Epistêmê is an interdisciplinary bilingual (English and Spanish) peer-reviewed online journal that publishes exceptional undergraduate (4000 level and above) and graduate papers from the social sciences and humanities. Housed in the English Department at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, this journal provides a space for students to express and foster ideas that mirror their academic performance and interest in pursuing higher levels of education and research. 

The creation of this journal was based on the need for alternative scholarly opportunities within students’ areas of interest and raise awareness of the diverse intellectual community that embodies our campus. Being a journal created by students and for students, advised by professionals from diverse backgrounds, it is our goal to publish scholarly works that evidences students’ scholarship and ability to produce credible academic research while becoming a resource for the intellectual audience of our university.  

Acknowledging the scarce amount of resources available for students to engage in local scholarly conversations, this journal will provide them with the opportunity to present such ideas during the diverse discourses that students’ papers will partake in their publication. 

Versión en Español