Epistêmê: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Academic Research

Research Benefits: Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Beyond the Classroom: Undergraduate Research

During their academic journey in the university, undergraduate students shape their research interests and identify what particular field from a discipline they would like to contribute to.

From the classroom, these students challenge themselves in acquiring a better understanding of the subjects they explore as they try to find answers to specific questions that quantify the quality of their work and strengthen their comprehension of the topics they approach. 

Whether these students work independently, with the assistance of a mentor, or collaborate with faculty, they engage in learning research methods that make for active and hands-on experiences within their particular areas of interest; enhance their creativity, critical thinking, writing and communication skills; make sense of extensive amounts of information; and evaluate which sources are relevant and credible in the structure of their research. These tools enhance undergraduates’ performance and prepares them for graduate-level research and study. 

This journal aids undergraduates in gaining ownership of their learned experiences, their efforts in the iterative process that involves researching their interests, and finding their voice. The papers that are published in this medium will assist these students in committing to higher standards of academic study and becoming responsible for addressing the issues that they feel must and can be discussed in diverse academic backgrounds, as well as becoming familiarized with methodical approaches of graduate education.

Training and Professional Development: Graduate Research

Graduate students have the advantage of coming in with prior research experience and a more focused interest based on their previous undergraduate work.

Graduate students search for more specific and profound discourse aspiring to improve their skills when they begin their postgraduate experience, whether they center on research, teaching, or other roles within the academic community. They continue to commit themselves in the challenges that permeate research while demonstrating competence in their areas of interest. Thus, they posses competitive attitudes that allow them to gain insight about particular subjects by being creative and original when addressing research questions, excelling in locating accurate sources that substantially aid their professional development and personal growth, and evaluating their work.

Part of graduate students’ professional development is showcasing their research experience.  These students show the product of their work by searching for academic conferences and journals, among other scholarly platforms, where they can present the efforts of their research and what innovative ideas they are contributing to the field. These opportunities further motivate students to apply such knowledge in teaching, inside and outside the classroom, and in thesis writing.

This journal assists graduate students in presenting their research and disseminating their ideas to the intellectually-stimulated and university-wide audiences in general. The experience of publishing research increases graduate students’ probability of acquiring higher degrees of education and having their work recognized within the academic community.