Cadet Benefits

100% Military Commitment Free

For the first two years of the program cadets can try the program with no worries about commitment to the military. Commitment and career options not decided until the third year of the program.

Leadership and Professional Development

Learn, develop, and test your leadership skills in a variety of scenarios and situations providing the ability to evaluate your ability to lead others to accomplish strategic goals.

Build Friendships for Life

Cadets of different backgrounds and walks of life are here to support you on your college and leadership journeys. The AFROTC community facilitates and supports individual and team growth creating lifetime connections.

Mentoring for College

Finding direction during your college career can be difficult. In the AFROTC program, not only will cadets have college mentors and counselors, they will also have a professional military staff to vector and guide cadets to pursue the path that best fits the needs of cadets.

Stay Physically Fit

Whether you are just starting your physical fitness lifestyle or have always been physically active, the AFROTC physical fitness program is designed to challenge and test personal resilience and ability to work as a team to become fit and ready to serve.


Why pay for college if you do not have to?

AFROTC offers various scholarship opportunities. From outstanding academics to excellent contribution to teams and communities, cadets can find themselves being awarded scholarships essential to college success.

Various high school and in-college scholarships are available through AFROTC. Benefits include varying levels of tuition payment, a monthly nontaxable stipend based on college year, and an annual book stipend. Currently, freshman cadets receive $300, sophomores $350, juniors $450, and seniors $500. Freshman and sophomore cadets receive the stipend if they receive the AFROTC scholarship and become contracted. All cadets regardless of scholarship status receive the junior and senior stipends upon completion of field training and becoming contracted with the Air Force or the Space Force. For more information and to start the high school scholarship application process, please visit the U.S. Air Force ROTC website.

Summer Programs

Cadets may be eligible to travel during the summer and experience military apprenticeships and training environments.

Summer programs focus on providing cadets additional training while giving cadets a glimpse of the active duty lifestyle. Alternatively, cadet organizations present more leadership opportunities and allow AFROTC students to plan, participate, and execute various service projects on and off campus. Some of these cadet organizations include:

  • Honor Guard
  • Arnold Air Society & Silver Wings

The familiarity and knowledge gleaned from working in different organizations and participating in summer programs often gives cadets insight as to potential Air Force or Space Force career decisions. Although AFROTC is a very fun and exciting experience, it’s important to remember that the focus of the program revolves around commissioning quality officers to lead the Air Force and Space Force.

Commissioning into the United States Air Force or United States Space Force

Upon completion of the AFROTC, cadets are commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants and go forward to pursue their military careers as the next generation of leaders in the United States Air and Space Force.

Base Visits

In addition to aerospace studies classes, leadership laboratory, and physical training, cadets can participate in base visits, Air Force ROTC summer programs, and additional cadet organizations. Base visits add diversity to the AFROTC program by allowing cadets to see how certain active duty units actually function.