Research Instrumentation at Chemistry Department

Dr. Samuel P Hernández Rivera (

VIS Confocal Raman Microspectrometer, Renishaw, InVia-1, 405, 447, 532 nm, Q-027B

NIR-VIS Confocal Raman Microspectrometer, Renishaw, InVia-2, 561, 660, 785 nm, Q-027B

VIS-NIR Confocal Raman Microspectrom, Renishaw,  RM1000/2000, 532, 785 nm, Q-040

UV-VIS Confocal Raman Microspectrometer, J/Y-Horiba, HR-LABRAM, Q-27

UV-VIS Triple Raman Spectrometer, J/Y-Horiba, T64000, Q-040

FIR-MIR-NIR FTIR, Bruker Optics, IFS-66/V, vacuum bench; Macro/Micro, Q-040

Bench MIR interferometer, Vector 22, Bruker Optics, Q-040

Open Path Telescope Based MIR interferometer, EM27, Bruker Optics, Q-040

UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer, Varian Cary 5000, 190-3300 nm, Q-027B, equipped w. diffuse reflectance accessory

Agilent HPLC 1100 (2 units), Q-048

Agilent GC 6998 (2 units), Q-048

Home built VIS Raman Telescope, Q-027

QCL spectrometer LaserScan, Block Engineering, 1000-1600 cm-1, Q-027

QCL spectrometer LaserScan, Block Engineering, 800-1430 cm-1, Q-027

High Power QCL laser system, Pranalytica, NI Data Acquisition, 1000-1600 cm-1, Q-040

CO2 Laser Based Thermal Emission Remote Detection System Home built, Q-040

Nd:YAG laser, Quanta Ray 290-Pro, 3 J, Spectra-Physics/Newport, Lines @ 1064, 532, 355, 266 nm

Nd:YAG laser, INDI-40, 450 mJ, Spectra-Physics/Newport, Lines @ 1064, 532, 355, 266 nm

Thermal Inkjet 3-axes printing systems (2 units), ImTech Corp., Q-040

Spin Coating System, Specialty Coatings, Q-040

NT-MDT Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)/Confocal Raman  Q-027A

Normal Raman, SERS, TERS/Fluorescence/Luminescence point spectroscopy & chemical imaging morphology/spectroscopy with two sensing configurations:

  • upright microscope, for opaque samples
  • inverted microscope, for transparent samples (including cellular systems)
  • Raman excitation: 532, 632, 785 nm
  • Fluorescence excitation: 405, 445, 532 nm laser diodes

J-Y Horiba T-64000 Raman UV-VIS Triple Spectrograph.

Dr. Juan López-Garriga (

Raman Spectrometer

UV-Vis Spectrometer

FT-IR Spectrometer

Millisecond Stopped-flow,

Nanosecond flash photolysis,

FPLCAtka Purifier

Crystallization System with cryogenic capabilities

Dr. Enrique Meléndez (

LABCONO Vertical Bench with Laminar Flow (Laminar hood)

Jasco Circular Dischroism Polarimeter J-810

FPLC AKTAPURIFIER 10 with auto sample

Shimadzu Spectrofluorophotometer RF-5301 PC

Refrigerated Eppendorf Centrifuge 5804R

CV-50W Voltammetric Analyzer

MBRAUN Unilab Anaerobic Chamber

-80° C So-Low Ultralow freezer

Thermo Scientific Form Direct CO2 incubator

Inverted Microscope BINOC AE20

Lyophilizer FREEZEONE 1

Dra. Elsie I. Parés Matos (

  • AKTA 4 and Frac-950_ Amersham Biosciences
  • BioTek ELX800 Microplate Reader_BioTek Instruments
  • Boekel Microcooler II Benchtop Refrigerated Bath_Fisher Scientific
  • Cellometer Mini Image-based Viability Cell Counter_Nexcelom Biosciences LLC
  • Cleaner, Ultrasonic; Branson; Bransonic; M Series; Model M2800
  • Dry- and Water-bath Incubators_Fisher Scientific
  • Environ Shaker (3527)_Lab-Line
  • Fisher Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator_Fisher Scientific
  • Forma Series II Water Jacket CO2 Incubator (3110WJ)_BioAnalytical Instruments
  • Gel Dryer FB GD 45 and Gel Dryer Vacuum System (FBGDPX10)
  • Gene Pulser Xcell Electroporator System_Bio‐Rad
  • Incu-shaker Mini
  • Laminar Hoods_Labconco
  • Leica CME Microscope with 3 Objectives, Model 1349521X
  • Microcentrifuges and Vortexers_Fisher Scientific
  • Mini Amp Plus Thermal Cycler_BioAnalytical Instruments
  • MPS 1000 Mini Plate Spinner Centrifuge_Bioanalytical Instruments
  • MyTemp Cooling Heating Incubator, Benchmark, model H2265
  • MyTemp Mini Digital Incubator with heating only
  • N2L Storage Dewars_Fisher Scientific
  • Orion Star A111 Benchtop pH Meter_BioAnalytical Instruments
  • Sorvel Legend X1R Centrifuge_BioAnalytical Instruments
  • Step One Real Time PCR_Bioanalytical Instruments
  • Trans‐Blot System_Bio‐Rad
  • Horizontal and Vertical Electroporation Systems_Bio-Rad
  • Upright ‐20°C and -80°C Freezers_Fisher Scientific
  • UVP PhotoDoc-It and UVP Transilluminator

Dr. Felix Román (

ICP MS 7500 CE -dañado, se reclamo con FEMA

HPLC Waters 2487, 2414 dañado

HPLC  Agilent 1200 ALS, FDL, ELSD ( funcional)

HPLC  Agilent 1100 DAD-MS ( dañado)

HPLC Agilent 1100 VWD-ICP ( funcional)

HPLC Agilent 1200 DAD ( funcional

MS Bruker esquire 6000MS ( dañado)

MS Perkin Elmer Optima 2000 DV ( dañado)

Incubator Sanyo DTB1-09 MIR-254(Big) ( funcional)

Incubator Thermo Thelco Laboratory (small)

Centrifuge 5430 Eppendorf ( funcional)

Dynamic Centrifuge

Centrifuge Thermo CL2

Microwaves Mars 6 ( funcional)

Microwaves Mars X press (dañado)

Autoclave SK100C ( dañado)

Freezer Revco -40 C ( funcional)

GC-MS Agilent ( nuevo)

FT-IR Spectrum 2 ( nuevo)

Raman Horiba ( funcional)

Dr. Rodolfo Romañach (

SyNIRgi Chemical Imaging system 1200 – 2450 nm.

Kaiser RXN-1 RA- 785 Raman spectrometer equipped with non-contact and immersion probes for reaction monitoring is also available

MPA™ (Multipurpose Analyzer) from Bruker Optics, which is capable of obtaining near infrared transmission spectra for tablets.

Matrix FT-NIR system from Bruker Optics.

Two Control Development Inc diode array spectrographs capable of performing fast real time process measurements (every 180 – 230 milliseconds).

Olympus CX-31 Polarized light microscope equipped with a photographic system.

Unscrambler X Process Pulse.

870 Karl Fischer Titrino Plus system.

Dr. Carmen Vega (

CV-50W Voltammetric Analyzer


Departamental Facilities

Lab Q-030, NMR Facility:  aMultinuclear 500 MHz Bruker NMR equipped with a QXI and BBO probes and four frequency channels. Contact: Dr. Enrique Meléndez ( / Mrs. Aracelis Cardona (

Lab Q-025, X-RAY Facility: Bruker X8 Prospector Ultra with APEXII CCD, a 3-axis goniostat, Quazar TM Montel Multilayer optics and incoatec microfocus Copper source, coupled to a Cryostream 700 LT apparatus, M280S Liquid N2 Generator (Kelvinic Intl.). Contact: Dr. Jorge Ríos Steiner (