Admission Requirements

  • General admission requirements that are set by the UPRM Office of Graduate Studies.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering from an institution accredited by a recognized accrediting agency in the United States. Degrees from foreign countries are evaluated by the UPRM Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Equivalent to undergraduate courses in Data Structures, Programming Languages, and Foundations of Computing. Applicants deficient in these courses may be accepted conditionally in the program. All deficiencies should be removed during the first two years of studies.
  • A recent Graduate Examination Record (GRE) report.
  • An essay addressing a subject of interest related to Computer Science and Engineering or Scientific Computing.  The essay should neither be a historical review nor an anecdotal relation of personal expectations. Instead it must be focused on the applicant’s research interests, vision and expectations, and the relations between them and a main area in the doctoral program in CISE. It must also indicate how the applicant expects the program to fulfill their career and academic goals. It is strongly suggested to prospective applicants to contact faculty members of the program to learn more about potential projects of interest before writing the technical essay.