Admission Process

The Admission Process to the CISE program involves the following steps:

  • The application process begins with the submission of an online application accessed through the Graduate Studies Office portal.
  • All applications to the doctoral program in CISE are first reviewed by the UPRM Office of Graduate Studies, which determines whether the application is complete and the applicant meets the general criteria established for graduate studies at UPRM.
  • Successful applications are submitted to the CISE Graduate Committee which, in turn, evaluates:
    • The applicant’s academic history and the appropriateness of their academic background.
    • The degree of alignment between the applicant’s interests and projects in a CISE research track with open assistantship positions.
    • The quality and maturity of the applicant’s technical essay.
    • The quality of the letters supporting the application.
    • The GRE scores.
    • The potential of the applicant for succeeding in the program within a reasonable period of time.
  • The CISE Graduate Committee evaluates applications on a competitive basis, and emits recommendations to the Office of Graduate Studies. The Committee strives to allocate each applicant within a CISE research track with research openings. Thus, admission is strongly conditioned to the availability of such research opportunities.
  • The final decision on the application is communicated to the applicant directly from the UPRM Office of Graduate Studies. No applicant is officially accepted into the program until they receive a letter of acceptance from the Director of Graduate Studies of UPRM or an authorized representative.